You Are Powerful at Manifesting and This Manifestation Happens in Your Daydreams

Lorelai Parks
2 min readNov 11, 2023
Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash

There is no better feeling than not having to be somewhere in the morning.

Saturday morning can be such a dream world; sipping on coffee slowly while the world sleeps, enjoying the peaceful easy feeling of no commitments, the freedom from obligations, choosing our own pace, and getting grounded.

Of course, this may not be the case for everyone, maybe your schedule is different and you work Saturdays. Maybe you have life circumstances that require you to be somewhere.

But, I sincerely hope there is one day or time frame when you can rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. Where you can feel relaxed, and clear your mind of worry, to-do lists and just let it all go.

This is where the creation happens. Creativity grows in these hours when we can dream freely.

The hours where I can let my mind wander or find something I want to do (like writing). Something that I can do, which acts as active meditation, which gets me in the flow, and enthralls me so much that I forget about the outside world, and the mobile phone.

In these times my thoughts organize themselves in the subconscious, I don’t have to “do” anything.

In these hours, the ideas are planted, and the gestation is set in motion.

In these moments we can do nothing other than manifest because we are aligned with our highest self.

In these periods, we do a complete reset so we can continue to show up to the world as our best selves, the next time life demands us.

You are powerful at manifesting, and this manifestation happens in your daydreams.

When I wake, I ask myself, “What is the best thing that could happen today?”, most times, the day will bring far more than I have asked for.

Happy Saturday Everyone!