Where Is Home Anyway?

Ask myself questions.

Lorelai Parks


Photo by Brad West on Unsplash

Is it where you live? Is it where you feel supported? Is it a physical place or a feeling?

Could home be several places? Is home where the heart is?

I went to visit my family a few provinces away and realized that it wasn’t really my home. I love the time I spent with my family and I wish I could be there more. Equally, it was my home but so is the province I live in now. The province I have lived in for the past 24 years, the longest I have ever lived in any place. They are both my home and maybe one day my home will be in a tropical country.

Since selling a marital home two years ago and finalizing a divorce I have thought a lot about what, where or who is home.

Is home in our heart? Is it deep within your soul? Is it you? Is it a house?

You are home in your body, or are you?

One time several years ago when I was taking a Reiki master course I woke up in the morning and heard my Mom’s voice say “I am on my way home.” It was eerie at first and I texted her right away to make sure she was ok, thinking that home meant God or heaven or the crossing over to the spirit world. She was alive and well.

Later that day in the Reiki class after a guided meditation, I came to the realization that it was me saying “I am on my way home.” That home meant getting better acquainted with source energy, making a connection to my true essence and reuniting my body and soul. This course and energy work I was doing was somehow exactly what I needed.

Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash

I have lived in three different places since we sold our home in 2020.

I first stayed in a friend’s condo and it was lovely.

Then came time to get my own place. After less than a year in my first rental, I wanted to move to a nicer place, that felt more secure and like home. I haven’t even really settled in to my new place so not sure if it feels like home yet. I feel I have been in transition for 2 years. I have missed my home but not the place. I have missed my dog and husband. I am searching for a…