The Girl With the Pansy Tattoo

Excuse Me, Do I Know You From Somewhere?

Lorelai Parks


Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

I had a sweet young visitor enter my shop a few weeks ago. It was a reuniting; it was like seeing an angel, or a ghost. I wasn’t sure if this delightful surprise was real at first.

I recognized her right away but really wasn’t positive. I was reluctant to say “Are you Julie?” without knowing for sure. I was afraid she would say no or wouldn’t know who I was.

She was a full-grown woman now; her energy was cheery and light. We exchanged pleasantries and she perused through the treasure in my local artisan store.

Her physical shape was identical to her mom, as were her warm smile and mannerisms. It was like looking to the past, or deja vu.

This had to be Millie’s mini.

She sparkled with delight as she studied the items that someone had made with love.

She picked out a keychain that featured dried flowers, set in resin.

“Great choice.” I said, “Those flowers actually grew in town here, so it is truly a local piece.”

“Neat, I have a tattoo of pansies on my arm.” she said as she made her purchase.

I wanted to know more; is this the little girl I remember from 21 years ago?