Past and Future Never Meet for They are Walking in Opposite Directions

Lorelai Parks
2 min readOct 29, 2023
Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

She has an exquisite book called Magic, where she keeps her stories; they are the stories of her life and dreams.

Sometimes on Sunday morning, she will open it up and add a little this and that; this is where she finds inspiration and that is where she places inspiration for her future self.

When her life seems dull and routine, she returns to her stories where all is revealed. She remembers she is a calm superstar.

The people she knows are every day, but she has lived so many lives, and she will live so many more.

In material times, she knows that the stories mean more than her bank balance or the title of a big house. They can’t be lost and they will never be taken away.

There are times when she set sail to far-off lands and explored all the riches the world had to offer, there are stories of suitors who tried to woo her, and there are stories of elephants and dogs and circus acrobats.

There are stories of fairy tale weddings and shipwrecked beaches. There are stories of hookah and mushrooms and Parisian apartments. There are stories of cascading water and Turkish delights.

There are stories of bamboo huts and furry white spiders, of soaring through jungles and men who…