Am I Racist?

Lorelai Parks
5 min readFeb 2, 2022

Not looking for validation, just asking myself questions.

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I think people who know me would generally consider me as anti-racist. I am always trying to raise awareness of indigenous rights and issues in Canada and to learn more about my Metis culture. I attended the Black Lives Matter protest in our city back in 2020. I repeatedly call out racist behavior, and ask people to question their beliefs and bring awareness to a systemic racism that has been engrained in us since we were little.

I didn’t even know I was Metis until my early twenties. I think that says a lot about how families hid their culture for generations, for fear of being discriminated against. We were lucky we could fly under the radar because we were white enough.

What about those who couldn’t? How does this racism affect people of color? I can’t possibly begin to understand. But I can ask questions, of myself and others and we can keep talking about it. I really don’t know what else to do.

Yes, we have heard endless stories about this, especially over the last few years and I won’t go into them here but I wanted to explain that I feel I have always stood up against racism. I feel I am a good person, with morals and values and somewhat misunderstood at times, maybe.

I may just have started to notice this since Covid began and I am wondering if anyone else feels this. Have things become black and white? And I am not talking about skin color. I am talking about all or nothing views, left wing versus right wing, vaccinated versus unvaccinated, non-racist versus racist, everything seems to be us versus them. Are we not allowed to have varying opinions on the policies of our government without being lumped into one category? I do agree there is no excuse for racism.

Please let me know where you are from in the comments, and if you see this happening where you live.

Two women sitting at a table having a drink, one says “we can disagree and still be friends”, the other replies “yes bitch about pizza toppings, not racism.”
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